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Beecasso® Security Solution

The global nature of today’s business affords great opportunity and some inherent risk to sensitive company information. Data breach carries many risks, ranging from your company’s reputation to legal and financial liabilities.

Solutions such as security tokens and biometric identification can positively identify the user, but how do you prevent that insider from inadvertently compromising sensitive information? That’s why you should know about the Beecasso Security Solution from Sujiyama, the only preventive solution to the problem of insider breach.

Beecasso’s unique approach guarantees the preservation of valuable information between a company and its workers. And it does so both securely and simply. There are no complicated access policies or lockdown procedures for the administrator to manage. It is a preventive solution that requires significantly less time to operate for both users and the IT department and results in a cost effective form of data security.

BeeCasso® - Data Security Redefined™