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About Sujiyama

Two decades of delivering successful technology solutions at our consulting firm, Clisertec, to security-sensitive industries (e.g., financial services and medical records) highlighted the need for the Beecasso Security Solution, a preventive barrier to data breach.

After four years of intense research, development, and rollout in 2012, the Beecasso side of business was spun off into its own entity. Thus, Sujiyama was born.

Vale Sundaravel
Vale is the founder and CEO. He is an industry veteran with over two decades of experience and is the inventor of patent-pending Beecasso technology. He has three prior startups under his belt.
Tom Nemeth
Tom is an outstanding electronics design engineer with over three decades of experience including the military. He has several successful ventures to his credit and was part of one such venture with Rich.
Richard A. Beckmann
Rich has delivered sales success for companies by building trust and solving customer problems. Rich co-founded three prior startups (one with Vale) and particularly enjoys inspiring and closing early stage customers.
David Jiang
David is a long term advisor to Sujiyama and has held CEO positions at several multi-national financial services firms. David and Vale have worked together for over 15 years in various capacities.